The Zodiacal Sign of Pisces comprises of  the last lunar mansion of  Alpha Pegasi ( Poorvabhadra)  &  the four quarters of  Alpha Andromeda ( Uttarabhadra)   and  Zeta Piscium ( Revathi) .

For Pisces Moon Signs


Venus in the  12th  gives  rise, Apthim., 

Jupiter  in the  Tenth is negative and indicates loss of position and  wandering about.  

Saturn in the  11th indicates financial  rise.



Avoid taking calculated risks. Be careful while handling money.


Not the time to start new relationships.


Ekagrata  is the success formula.

Rahu's Transit  in Hindu Astrology 

Improving skills becomes a must and this is the time to do that. Social skills are considered very important. Friends and good will increase. Economic benefits can ensue and this is the time to store treasures in Heaven. This will accelerate your spiritual evolution and take you Godward !. 

You may be subject to discliplinary action by the Powers That Be. On the positive side, you will gain the Grace of Gurus. There will be gains from profession. But beware of burns and obstruction in intellectual pursuits.

Chandrashtama - The Black Hole of Natal Astrology


When Transit Moon transits the 8th from Radical Moon, Chandrashtama is caused ( Janma Rasyashtame Prapthe Chandre Chandrashtamam Smritham ). You should avoid major decisions during this period as Luna's 8th transit is considered malefic ( Anishtan ) in Hindu Astrology.   

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Anything of the flesh will be affected during this phase of Ashtama Indu. Tension grips your mind.  You become subject to Melancholia. Mental tension, physical discomfort, delays in undertakings and travel, misplaced documents,  sporadic clashes with partner - all these mark your pitiable state. During this 2 1/4 days, you are advised to pray and meditate as to quieten the mind and seek solace in the Eternal. As the luminary representing the Mind, the Moon, traverses through the dreaded Eighth House, mental peace makes a strategic retreat. 

Be careful about these days - 14 Feb to 15 Feb -  Ashtamendum cha Tad Rasim Varjayeth Sarva Karmasu .

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