Monthly Forecast  based on Moon Sign For Jan 2022


 Jup                    RASI  
Mer Sat   


MooKet      Mar    


            Aries ( Mesha )                 Taurus ( Vrishabha )            Gemini(Midhuna) 
         Cancer    ( Kataka )                     Leo ( Simha )              Virgo ( Kanya ) 
           Libra     (Thula )                Scorpio ( Vrischika)           Sagittarius (Dhanus )
       Capricorn ( Makara)                       Aquarius ( Kumbha )               Pisces ( Meena ) 



1.2 billion Vaccinations fo far, The Numero Uno in vaccinations. 

Considering that India has 500 K defence personnel and another 700 K ready to sacrifice for motherland, and that India is the prime ally of the US, and that all the allies of US are more or less the allies of India, India is the unofficial No 2 in the world in the military arena. 

Sun moves over to 270th degree on 15th, intiating Makara Masa, Pongal and Uttarayana, the Northern Solstice  




Moon Sign - Otherwise known as the Lunar Ascendant, this Sign is the Sign where the Moon is posited in  your sidereal horoscope.( If you dont know your Moon Sign, please submit your time, place and date of birth at  and know ). Email to



In the Transit Report you may find contradictory results but you have to understand that transit of some planets are positive and some negative. You will be experiencing both  positive and  negative effects, as Life is a commingling of the positive and the negative. As Hegel pointed out "Truth, like the atom, is the organic Unity of opposed parts"!


                                                                                                     Great Books II


                                                                                        Book for Creating Astro Software 


If you want to calculate the longitudes of planets and create an Astro Software, then the best book for you is Laplace's Celestial Mechanics. You can find out the mean longitudes of the planets, calculate the perturbations, the epicycles and then calculate the Heliocentric Longitudes of planets. You can use Laplacian equations to then reduce it to the Ecliptic Coordinates and then reduce them to Geocentric Coordinates, thus computing the true longitudes of the planets. A must for Astro software developers.