Moon Sign Leo - Chinga Kooru- Simha ( Magha- Pubba- Uttara 1/4 ) 

As Transit Venus is in the 7th House you 
should be careful about your approach to partner 
and people belonging to the opposite sex.There may 
be misunderstandings and rifts wihin the lute-
Yuvati Jnita Badhaam 

As Transit Sun is in 8th House you will be subject 
to dire vicissitudes- as problems haunt you like a 
ten headed Hydra This transit is detrimental to 
both healh and wealth There may be Sthana Bhramsam 
and general dissipation of wealth-- Kurvanti Prana 
Sandeham-- Sthana Bhramsam Dhanakshyam 

As Transit Mars is in the 6th -House there can be profes
ssional rise Sthana Manadi Labham. You become the cynosure 
of all eyes and your talents are accepted.

As Mercury is in your 8th House you will be truly versatile
and reputed for your excellent qualities. Your knowledge and
enviable qualities will get the praise of many.


Saturn is the most powerful malefic and his transit through
the zodiacal signs are considered to be the most dreadful and
significant from the perspective of fortune.

You are a happy man now compared to your experiences in the past. 
Your enemies will now find your strength better than before. Good
period to start new ventures. There will be advancement in career.
You will be known as a wealthy man now. Good news will reach you. 
Make the best use of your masculine talents to consolidate your
09-04-2022 ................. 17-01-2023 

Saturn tries to create a gloomy mood in you during this period.
The solution lies in your making an effort to see the brighter
side of things. No doubt you are a man of achievements and
blessings. You may have to travel against your wish during this
period of Kandaka Sani. It may upset your wife as well.

17-01-2023 ................. 29-03-2025 

You can improve your 13 skills and talk your way to the top- as the 
Transit of the Nodes is benign. Friends increase. Good will also. 
You become the cynosure of all eyes. There will be economic gains 
and gain of friends. You can use this time to Love All and Serve 
All- thereby increasing your Credit in the Cosmic Ledger. 

While the Nodes favor Enlightenment- they can cause eye diseases . 
While the cash will be good- there can be trouble to uncles and 
aunts. So be careful.


Jupiter is the most powerful planet in the astrological hier-
archy. He stays in a sign for one year and his transit has
got tremendous influence on an individual's life. Financial
dimension comes within his domain. 

Benign Jupiter generates a prosperous period.You will be a leader
in social circles and your abilities are respected. Improvement
in fincancial position and status. You develop more contacts and
friendships. Your mind becomes alert. Your eloquence is accepted
Your sense of importance increases as you are recognised socially
09-04-2022 ................ 13-04-2022 

Adverse Jupiter causes loss of position and meaningless journeys
and wanderings. Health gets affectd. You may meet with obstacles
and hindrances on the path. This period is detrimental to health
and wealth. You may have to move away from home. Misunderstandings 
with wife and children likely.

13-04-2022 ............... 22-04-2023 

The Dreaded Eighth Lunar Transit- Chandrashtama 

When Transit Moon transits the 8th from Radical Moon 
Chandrashtama is caused ( Janma Rasyashtame Prapthe 
Chandre Chandrashtamam Smritham ). You should avoid 
major decisions during this period as Luna's 8th 
transit is considered malefic ( Anishtan ) in 
Hindu Astrology.  

Anything of the flesh will be affected during this 
phase of Ashtama Indu. Tension grips your mind. 
You become subject to Melancholia. Mental tension= 
physical discomfort- delays in undertakings and 
travel- misplaced documents- sporadic clashes 
with partner - all these mark your pitiable 
state. During this 2 1/4 days- you are advised 
to pray and meditate as to quieten the mind and 
seek solace in the Eternal. As the luminary 
representing the Mind- the Moon- traverses 
through the dreaded Eighth House- mental peace 
makes a strategic retreat. 

Ashtamendum cha Tad Rasim Varjayeth Sarva Karmasu  

Be careful about these days